CV Workshops

SEND young people are often very aware that their CV's may not be equal to their peers, or they may not be able to attain the grades needed for their future career goals.
With our hand-holding workshop, we can create a CV with SEND students, demonstrating their strengths and gives them a resume to be proud of.
The practical activities we undertake ensure that they are able to build upon existing skills, raising their self-esteem to help create opportunities to enter the world of work
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CV Workshops

Post by Markee » Sun Nov 11, 2018 3:06 am

Our Interactive workshops offer individual support & can help each student build a CV and cover letter to match their skill set and aspirations.

WISE CV Workshops can help to improve your students confidence and teach them valuable skills in developing a CV and cover letter.
By meeting with our business mentors, students can ask questions and develop their understanding of what is required.

This contributes to an overall improvement in their CV and cover letter, ultimately increasing their chances of securing future employment, an apprenticeship or further studies to aid them on their chosen career path.

A CV Workshop puts this into a real-life context and provides young people with the vital skills to be successful in the harsh world of work.

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